2016 Miami International Boat Show – Recap 3

The SeaDek crew travelled down to Miami in the middle of February to attend the 2016 Miami International Boat Show, the largest annual boat show in Florida. Our crew met with hundreds of vendors, boaters, boat builders, friends, clients, and potential clients at one of the best shows yet! Although the crew had our own tent, there were hundreds of boats throughout the show that featured SeaDek. We couldn’t be happier!

Barker Boatworks

SeaDek Certified Fabricator, Tyler, from Castaway Customs (www.castawaycustoms.com) SeaDeked this boat with 6mm storm gray over black faux teak with a brushed texture.

Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-1 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-2 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-3 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-4 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-5 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-6 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-7 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-8 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-11

Lining the hatches of the boat is 3mm black SeaDek with an embossed texture

Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-12 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-13 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-14 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-15 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-16 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-17 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-18 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-19 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-20 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-21 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-22 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-23 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-24 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-25 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-26 Barker_Boats_MIBS2016_Small-27Learn more about Barker Boatworks here: www.barkerboatworks.com

Malibu M235

Malibu_M235-1 Malibu_M235-2 Malibu_M235-3 Malibu_M235-4 Malibu_M235-5 Malibu_M235-6 Malibu_M235-7 Malibu_M235-8 Malibu_M235-9This Malibu is equipped with 6mm storm gray over black with a brushed texture.

Learn more about Malibu boats here: www.malibuboats.com

Walker Bay

Inflatable_Boats-2Inflatable_Boats-4 Inflatable_Boats-7Inflatable_Boats-9

These boats are equipped with 6mm storm gray over black faux teak.

To learn more about Walker Bay boats, visit their website at www.walkerbay.com

AB Inflatables

Inflatable_Boats-11 Inflatable_Boats-12  Inflatable_Boats-14 Inflatable_Boats-15  Inflatable_Boats-17

This boat features 5mm storm gray SeaDek with an embossed texture.

Visit www.abinflatables.com to learn more.

Brig Rigid Intelligent Boats

Inflatable_Boats-21 Inflatable_Boats-22Inflatable_Boats-23Inflatable_Boats-25 Inflatable_Boats-26 Inflatable_Boats-27 Inflatable_Boats-28 Inflatable_Boats-29

Visit www.brig-ribs.com to learn more about these inflatable boats.

Thanks again to all of our friends, old and new who stopped by to say hi to our team. We will see you next year!

Want custom SeaDek for your boat? Contact customer service at customerservice@seadek.com or 321-632-4466.

Find a SeaDek Certified Fabricator or Installer near you today! www.seadek.com/customseadek


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