“You should find info on SeaDek. A foam textured adhesive backed deck material.
Maverick and some other high end flats boat manufactures are offering this product. I have it on my HPX Mirage 17 Maverick.

I was skeptical regarding the dureability of SeaDek until I spoke with a friend over in Florida who had applied it to the forward casting deck and poleing platform on his boat. He tossed the scrap cuttings into the corner of his garage and forgot about them until several weeks later. In the mean time had his 2 sons clean the garage. The boy’s sat a half full propane tank in the corner on top of the scraps. It sat there for a couple of weeks before he noticed and removed the tank. The Seadek had a rusty circular imprint from the tank. He used dish detergent and a brush to get the rusty ring stain off but the indention remained. Thinking it was ruined still by the indention tossed the piece in to his garage trash can. Then a couple days later set out the trash and found the porpane tank scar was completely gone.

It’s about as easy to apply as shelf paper. Worth a look ! I covered my fuel tank, under gunnel, & poleing deck. I’m going to cover the cockpit floor after Christmas. The diamond texture is hard to see in the photos but it’s not slick or slippery even with soapy wash water. It weighs almost nothing too. It’s sold in roughly 4X8′ sheets in 3 & 5mm thickness and several colors. Price per sq. is reasonable. Castaway Customs will custom and router cut for you but it’s a little more pricey for the custom services.”

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