An Unwavering Dedication to Quality Manufacturing


Since our very beginnings with EVA foam over twenty years ago, even long before SeaDek, we have taken great pride in manufacturing high quality products that surpass expectations. Most people probably don’t realize that we were a family business making traction pads for the surfing industry long before the boating world knew what EVA flooring was. We even designed a custom line of pads for 11-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater.

Our materials were painstakingly tested and re-formulated time and time again to reach the benchmark of quality that we demanded, and this dedication to quality is what led us to become the trusted supplier of many of the leading boat builders in the world. We were moving forward, unafraid of failure, on a quest for innovation. And we never thought twice about it. That was just who we were. What we stood for.

And it still is.

While we have grown as a company, our mission has remained unchanged: to deliver the highest quality products possible and provide 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

In 2013 we became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The International Standards Organization certifies companies who employ a detailed quality management system and pass a rigorous audit verifying that all aspects of the manufacturing process are in accordance with the system. This certification enables us to accurately manage the quality of our product through every step of production.

Every single batch of foam that enters our factory is subject to extensive testing as specified by the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) to ensure compliance with our quality standards. We have an in-house laboratory with professional, industry-standard testing equipment that is calibrated yearly by a third party organization.  The lab is staffed with full time technicians, and our testing equipment runs 24 hours a day.

After sampling incoming foam, our materials are subject to two weather tests in our specialized accelerated weathering chambers. The first is an artificial UV light chamber, which subjects the material to accelerated UV rays and tests for polymer degradation that would indicate a material non-conformity. The second is another accelerated weather test using xenon light in the visible spectrum to verify color-fastness. Combined, these two tests confirm the material’s ability to stand up to the rigors of outdoor applications without fading or breaking down.

After weather testing, the samples are tested to confirm that their physical properties are within our acceptable parameters, including all adhesives. These ASTM tests include a durometer test that measures hardness, a shrinkage test, compression test, stretch test, and a tear strength test. Additionally, the samples are subject to a 90° peel test and a T peel test to verify the strength of the adhesive.

Once all these tests are completed satisfactorily, the batch of material is cleared to leave quarantine and enter the facility, where it again is inspected every step of the way through production for conformance to our quality standards.

We feel confident that we have the most rigorous material testing procedure in the industry, but at the end of the day, it is our products that speak for themselves. Quality is a full time job, but for us, SeaDek is more than a swim platform pad or a logo or an ad campaign; it is a passion for what we do. It is a love of life on the water. It is who we are.

Learn more about our extensive line of marine non-skid products here.

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