Baja Template

Making a template of your swim platform to send to SeaDek really is pretty easy but we realize some people are a little intimidated by the idea. Here are some photos of a template that just came in to us and I thought I would post them to show what a finished template looks like and try to convey just how easy it really is.

On this boat there was a molded in non-skid patter. The customer used a sharpie marker to simply trace over the outer edge of that pattern and even went on to trace the logo. He was careful to note the bow and stern orientation of the platform and labeled the hand hold. Finally he noted all of his pertinent contact and boat information such as his name, address, phone number and email address. As well as the boat make, model and year. That’s all there is to it. Pretty easy.

Template kits can be ordered from our online store: or give us a call: 888.964.6860 or drop us an email:

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