Custom SeaDek for a Gheenoe LT25

Here’s a set of custom SeaDek pads we made for Jeff Murray over at Commercial Sewing for his 2007 Gheenoe LT25. These mocha over black faux teak pads have routed Outer Armor and Commercial Sewing logos, and bimini blue swap out Apex, Canvas Company and SeaDek logos. See below for details on this one of a kind Gheenoe.

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2007 Gheenoe LT15IMG_041320140504_123744

“When I first got the Gheenoe LT25 it was in all right condition but I’m not the type of guy that can leave anything looking or performing stock I always have to have a one off. So the first thing I did was sand the whole boat fix all the minor scratches and body work then put Rust-Oleum truck bed liner spray paint on the bottom and them put a 3D carbon fiber car wrap on the outside of the hull of the Gheenoe. Then on to the interior, painted the whole inside of it with Rust-Oleum Top-Side beige color. When that was finished I put shark lights in the front, ran all new wire, all new pumps for bilge and aerator plus new fuse and switch panel. Took it to BT’S Welding for a new polling platform, noise cone, rod holders, cup holders and got 2 Shallow Stix’s which are anchors. As for the stickers on the hull my friend Justin Kennedy put all reflective stickers on top of the 3D carbon fiber for my company as well for Seadek logo’s. FOR THE GRAND FINALE SEADEK IS PUTTING THE FLOOR TOGETHER FOR ME NOW MY VISON IS GOING TO BE COMPLETE.”
     – Jeff Murray, Commercial Sewing

Stay tuned for post installation pictures!

Commercial Sewing
Jeffrey Murray
385 Williams Pointe Blvd.
Cocoa, FL 32927
Office: 321-338-7554
Fax: 321-338-7195

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