Face Lift On A 25 Year Old Sailing Sloop

Here are some really nice before and after photos from a customer down in PR. This 25 year old sailing sloop, named the “Boriken”, got a faux teak face-lift from our soft yet durable SeaDek pads. Similar to sandal foam we are able to machine these pads to closely resemble real teal but at a fraction of the cost and double the comfort.

The customer used mylar template material available on our online store. The cost of the template kit is subtracted from your purchase price upon ordering. The color is brown over black faux teak and the installation was done by the customer in an afternoon.

I thought you may want to see the results. Here are some before and after photos. Installation was rather easy. Could do it alone by myself. I’m very much satisfied with the face lift provided to this 25 yr old lady…

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