Feet On Fire South: 32-Man Endurance Barefoot Waterski Contest

More than 30 pro watersports athletes ditched their wakeboards, wakeskates and waterskis on May 21, 2019 for head-to-head battles to see who could endure the blazing ring of fire the longest at Feet on Fire South.

The barefoot endurance contest took place at The Waterfront Orlando on Lake Jennie Jewel in Orlando and is traditionally one of the most anticipated contests among both competitors and spectators alike. Two barefooters compete behind the boat at one time, with both having to be off their step ski and on their bare feet by the starting point. From there, the boat continues in a large circle pattern, or Ring of Fire, until someone falls. The last person standing, without falling, advances to the next round. But, unlike most endurance barefoot contests, Feet on Fire has one distinctive and important rule: no barefoot suits allowed, only a pair of shorts and a flotation device.

Feet on Fire South was comprised of an invite-only list of elite athletes from a broad spectrum of towed watersports, including wakeboarders, wakeskaters, traditional waterskiers, show skiers and industry veterans.

This year’s Feet On Fire South was one for the books with gnarly crashes served up regularly throughout the event. Shoutout to pro wakeboarder Jake Pelot who won the SeaDek Best Crash Award for giving the crowd one of the most memorable moments of the day!

Full Article here: https://patch.com/florida/orlando/pro-wakeskater-jake-ramsdell-new-feet-fire-champion

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