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PSA from Ride Dry Drive Dry

As a company founded by boaters and watersports enthusiasts, we like to enjoy our time on the water as much as the next boater, but we think this message from our friends at Ride Dry Drive Dry can’t be overstated: drinking and boating just don’t mix, so always have a designated skipper, and don’t get … Continue reading

SeaDek Nautique GS22 E

Going Green – SeaDek on the 2021 Super Air Nautique GS22 E

As a longtime partner of Correct Craft and Nautique Boats, as well as a strong advocate for environmental preservation, we couldn’t be more excited for the release of the Super Air Nautique GS22 E—one of the very first electric-propelled production sport boats. Congratulations to Nautique on this monumental achievement; we know that going into unchartered … Continue reading

American Magic Endures Capsize, Rebuilding Efforts Underway

As an Official Supplier of New York Yacht Club American Magic, we are saddened to learn about the crash of PATRIOT over the weekend, but relieved to know that nobody was hurt and the boat was saved from sinking. Despite the fierce competition and rivalry between the teams, it was truly inspiring to see the … Continue reading

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