Jackson Kayak – Big Tuna SeaDek Pads

Finally have SeaDek pads for the Big Tuna added to the store. These pads are made from high quality, UV resistant EVA material for comfort and durability. They feature beveled edges for a finished look and reduced potential for peeling up as well as a thermoform embossed non-skid pattern for standing and fishing traction even when wet. Application is a breeze with our 3M pressure sensitive adhesive, just peel and stick.

Many other kayak makes and models are being added on a regular basis. Check back often and feel free to send us requests for new kits. You can also order a template kit (http://www.seadek.com/c-9-template-kits.aspx) from our online store and template your kayak yourself.

Order your SeaDek non-skid kayak kit right now: http://www.seadek.com/c-97-kayak-non-skid-pads.aspx

Jackson_Big_Tuna_02BigTuna_002 BigTuna_003

Don’t settle for cheap knock off EVA pads. SeaDek manufactures the highest quality nonskid pads in the marine industry in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rockledge, Florida.

Jackson_Big_Tuna_03 Jackson_Big_Tuna


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