John Bauby to cross Atlantic in rowboat

That’s right, row across the Atlantic Ocean! In John’s own words:

My boat is 24 feet long and was built in England in 2005. Since it arrived January 24, 2012 I have been stripping it down and refitting each and every nut, bolt and piece of hardware, not an easy or fast process. Empty weight is 850 lbs and fully loaded, that is with six months of food, it weighs 2500 lbs. Forward speed is about 2 mph and rowing 10-12 hours a day I can expect 30-35 miles providing currents and winds are favorable.”

John expects to encounter 40, 50 and maybe even 60ft seas so SeaDek and the padding and nonskid it can provide was a natural fit for his endeavor. We will be providing him with sheet material for his cockpit/safe room and custom CNC cut pieces for the working area and gunnels.

Six people have completed the journey from the U.S. to Europe by ocean rowboat, according to The Ocean Rowing Society International. Sixteen rowers have attempted the journey but were unable to complete it or had to be rescued. One was lost at sea.

John plans to embark in spring of 2013. Check back regularly to updates on John and his journey.

Here is a link to a recent article:

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