Native Slayer 14.5 SeaDek Non-Skid Kit


Hey seadek guys, its Joe Harrison, Soflobro69 on Instagram, with the Native Slayer 14.5 with the army camo seadek. First off love the product guys! So glad you all decided to enter the kayak market. Bought the product back in September and installed it on my Slayer and instantly liked it. I spend a lot of my time stand up sight fishing for redfish out here in Galveston Texas during the school year and back home in Fort Pierce Florida during my breaks. The seadek looks awesome on the kayak, makes it stand out from the rest, keeps the deck cool and quiet as well as provides plenty of traction for my feet while standing. Heres what pictures I have of the Slayer with the SeaDek I took after I installed it. I don’t take many pictures of the kayak from the outside when im here in Texas because if I get out of the boat I usually sink up to my knees in marsh mud! But ill be heading back home to Florida and the Indian River next week and could take more and better pics of the kayak with the seadek in it, better scenery than my uncles driveway. Anyway heres what ive got, thanks for the interest,

Buy one for yourself today:

Native_Slayer_14-5_002Native_Slayer_14-5_003Native_Slayer_14-5_004Native_Slayer_14-5_007 Native_Slayer_14-5_005

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