PTM Edge Custom SeaDek Kit

Just finished up a beautiful custom kit for our friends over at PTM Edge (  This non-skid SeaDek kit will be installed on their 2014 MALIBU 24 MXZ (

PTM_000 PTM_001

PTM Edge is a division of Protomet Corporation. Protomet has a 16-year history of manufacturing products for the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Scientific, and Marine Industries. Products are diverse as to include components supplied for Mercedes as well as the U.S. Military.
PTM_007In 2005, Protomet began working on a mirror technology for a scientific instrument that required prescription grade optics. Clarity and precision were the driving parameters. Fast forward to 2011 and Protomet is bringing the View4rce mirror technology to the marine industry and winning the IBEX Innovation Award for best new product of 2011.

Protomet engineers are continually working on new and innovative products as we continue to push the envelope by bringing world-class aerospace and military expertise to the marine industry.

The mirrors, as well as supporting products, are sold through PTM Edge. PTM Edge is focused to bring cutting edge products that enhance the boating experience.

PTM Edge is not just selling a product…we are providing a new high-performance boating experience…


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