Regal 24 FasDeck

I happened across this recent SeaDek installation on the Regal Forum this morning. This is a Regal 24 FastDeck. Pads were made for the swim platform and cross through with future plans for covering the cockpit. A custom VT logo was added to the step-up. The faux teak color combination is mocha over black. Looks great!

Check out the SeaDek platform I installed a little while back on my 2012 Regal FD. I researched this for quite some time, and really think the SeaDek material is the best for my application. I had it on my last center console for 3 years and it held up great in a rugged environment. The advantages of SeaDek over faux teak/raised non-skid in my opinion are:
-Look and appearance
-Easy to keep clean, simply hose/rinse off
-Not hot as compared to real teak or feax application
-Actually gets tacky when wet, which is great for safety
-Relatively inexpensive and easy to apply (peel and stick)” – Customer comments

Thanks for the feedback, and yes I’m really pleased with it too! The installation is quite easy, I did it myself. The only difficult part is just making sure you trace out your platform correctly, it took me about 1.5hr to do. They have plenty of videos on their website that walk you though the process. SeaDek will send you a Template Kit with mylar tracing paper. Below are the pieces cut up that I sent back to SeaDek. They send you a proof later that you approve, then done. Only issue is they are WAY backed up, took about 5 weeks to receive the product, but it was worth the wait. If you have to do the template yourself, I believe they charge more. However it will now be in their database, and I’m sure they charge much less as they don’t have to the CAD layout again. So if you have a 2012 (or later) Regal FD, you are set now. They have a few dozen patterns/colors/teak appearing combinations to match almost any application/color scheme. And of course, you can customize your boat as I added the subtle VT logo to match the name of our boat. . . . I like it so much I’m thinking of doing the entire cockpit this winter. In fact, if I hadn’t of purchased my Regal at a boat show (came with carpet), I would not have ordered the carpet (its actually less expensive too I believe). This will be a bigger job of course (to do the cockpit) as I will have to fill in the holes from the female snaps that are in my deck, not looking forward to that so I’ll make it a winter project.” -Customer comments

Great example of a properly templated swim platform. The molded-in nonskid pattern has been neatly traced, bow, stern, port and starboard orientation are clearly marked along with logo placement and customer and boat information. An example of a SeaDek CAD drawing for approval.

Thanks to Bob from the forum! 

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