Replace Your Worn Bolsters with SeaDek

Do your bolsters look like this?

Are you tired of your cracked, waterlogged coaming bolsters that are expensive and time consuming to replace? Are you sick of wasting money on bolsters that wither away in the elements after just a season or two?

If you answered yes, then its time to do what thousand’s of boaters across the world have done, and replace your old bolsters with genuine SeaDek coaming bolsters. SeaDek bolsters are made of UV protected closed-cell EVA foam that are extra durable and won’t absorb water.

Featuring a robust 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive, SeaDek bolsters require no screws or mounting hardware—just peel and stick!

SeaDek bolsters long out-last traditional bolsters, and resist nicks and tears thanks to their tough construction. And for boaters looking to really dress up their gunwales, they are fully customizable, providing the opportunity for logos, fish rulers, and an almost limitless combination of colors.

SeaDek coaming bolster kits are available for immediate purchase on the SeaDek webstore, and include two 4.5” x 37” bolsters in a 20mm thickness. Click here to start shopping now!

Ready to customize? Contact SeaDek customer service at or 321-632-4466 to get a quote!

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