SeaDek Application Instructions


1) Thoroughly clean the boat surface area where SeaDek® marine traction will be applied. A cleaner that will not leave a residue is recommended. An ammonia-based glass cleaner used with a scotch-bright pad is ideal. The area must be completely dry before applying pads.

2) Arrange pads to best fit the area to be covered. Do not remove paper backing.

3) Sketch on paper the pads shape and placement; be sure to mark measurements for cutting the width, length, and corners, etc., if needed. (Remember – measure twice, cut once.)

4) If any cutting is necessary, cut each pad before applying to your boat. A sharp, razor knife guided by a straight-edge for the sides and a curved template for the corners is recommended. Always use a backing such as plywood to cut SeaDek on – – DO NOT CUT ON BOAT.

5) Once you have cut each pad, arrange them in their proper position in the area to be covered. Make changes at this time. (Do not attempt to make changes after you have removed the backing.)

6) Mark the position of the pads with a pencil to ensure proper placement.
Note: Do NOT install SeaDek in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

1) Start with the center of pad and partially peel back paper on one corner of the pad.

2) Carefully stick one corner down onto the boat. Press firmly into place. (Do not attempt to remove and adjust placement once pad is down.)

3) Slowly remove the rest of the paper backing. Roll pad into place while firmly smoothing the pad out to prevent air bubbles.

4) Firmly press down on all surface areas and edges to ensure uniformed adhesion.

5) Repeat for all other pads being placed on the boat.

1) SeaDek marine traction can be cleaned with: a) soap and water mixed with bleach solution (approximate ratio is 1 cup bleach per 5 gallons of water) or b) typical marine deck cleanser. Do NOT use an acid base hull cleaner on SeaDek, as it will damage the product and the adhesive.

1) Uninstalled SeaDek should be stored in a dry, indoor location until installed on boat.

• Safety glasses
• Razor knife
• Glass-cleaner
• Scotch-bright bad
• Straight edge (Square)
• Tape measure
• Cutting table
• Marker (pencil)

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