SeaDek Charity Ice Bath Challenge

My friend JeromyandBecky Gamble Gamble over at Spearing Magazine called me out for the Charity Ice Bath Challenge. Dunk yourself in ice or donate to the charity of the challenger’s choice. I have chosen the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I’m calling out these awesome people:

David Lally of Buffini & Company, Darcie & Brian of Darcizzle Offshore, Jimmy Nelson of Extreme Fishing Adventures, Chuck Levi at Kayak Fishing Radio/ Kayaks By Bo Inc.., and Devon Howard of SPY Optic.

Usually you’re given 24 hours to meet the challenge but I realize you’re all very busy people so you have a week!

Take the challenge or not this is a great organization and I encourage you to make a donation of any amount for my mom, Kathy Gardner and the millions of people living with MS. Thanks!


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