SeaDek Comes to California

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SeaDek is a customizable non-skid solution for nearly any type of watercraft. The material is a nonabsorbent, closed cell EVA Foam (think rod grips) that feels as good on your feet (and knees and back…) as it looks. The material is available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of thicknesses.

Seadek-pads (1)

The folks at SeaDek also laminate two different colors of sheet-material together so when your logo or boat name is CNC machined, the bottom color shows through giving an awesome custom look.

As a bonus, the SeaDek material not only cushions your feet, it will quiet down your boat from both stomping (think white seabass) and engine noise/vibration and literally, NOTHING will slide around on deck.

If you ask anyone who spends time on the water in Florida about SeaDek, they will know and love the product.

After experiencing SeaDek on several boats in Florida, we knew we had to have it on our boat here in California. Our first call was to Blue Seas Fabrication or (858) 232-4188). The team at Blue Seas has become the only SeaDek Certified Fabricator on the West coast. Blue Seas has all the material, tools and know how to completely pimp out the deck of your boat or watercraft.



Ken and James at Blue Seas Fabrication explained the entire process in detail. The steps are pretty simple:

  1. Choose your material and colors. (6mm is the standard thickness for most decks)
  2. The crew at Blue Seas will then use a 3D computer scanner to create a template of the deck, swim step, cabin or anywhere else you want to apply SeaDek.
  3. Work with Blue Seas on your custom design and approve a PDF proof
  4. The material is then cut on a precision CNC router to your exact specifications
  5. The Blue Seas team will schedule an appointment to install the material, which usually takes just a couple of hours depending on the complexity and size of the job.



We went down to check out the operation and put our hands on some of the material options. In the end we settled on one of the most popular color combinations, Storm Grey over Black in the most common 6mm thickness with a brushed surface texture.



With the material chosen, we discussed some of the design options and decided to go with a custom Faux Teak pattern with a unique wider board width. This would allow the black material to show through to simulate the caulk lines and also give us a two-tone look with the logos we wanted to include.

boat products
Old floppy cushions

We loved the material so much we decided to go over the top and not only do our decks, but also our counters and galley table. The nonskid material is perfect for keeping things in their place (like our often dropped coffee maker).

dog approved
New SeaDek cushions

We also opted to use the thick coaming pad material (20mm thick, soft low density foam) to cover our bench seat on the bridge and the tops of our engine boxes.

James with Blue Seas came out to the boat and scanned all the surfaces to be covered using a high tech 3D scanner.

boat tips

He quickly traced all the existing nonskid areas making sure to work around all fittings, latches and hinges. In a short time he had a complete 3D model of our decks and counter tops.

seadek pad

Over the next couple days, James worked up the various areas in the boat in CAD and sent us proofs including the logos we wanted built into the materials. We added a few custom touches like our boat logo, a swordfish on the steps and an Innovator logo.

seadek colors

After a few final tweaks the design was done. Since we were using one of the more common color combos all the material for our boat was in stock. You are can select any combo of colors from the SeaDek palette you like, but it will take a few extra weeks for the material to be custom made .

boat work

Our deck was in pretty bad shape and need to be cleaned up before the install. This is where we called Mark from Monsoon Yacht Service. Mark is our paint and gelcoat guy and he can be reached at (619) 405-2176. We asked Mark to paint all the waterways in the deck so once we put the SeaDek down all of the areas that still show would look like new. Mark did a great job and the SeaDek came out looking awesome.

seadek instalation

A couple more days passed and James called to schedule the install. We met him down at the boat where he installed the entire kit in an afternoon! The install is technically simple, but as we observed, there is quite a bit of skill, patience and “eyeball” involved. If you elect to install your own SeaDek kit, Blues Seas will be happy to instruct and guide you through it to get the best results.

boat projects

The final product looks and feels amazing!

After a half dozen tuna trips on boat, the SeaDek still looks great. We have gotten blood, coffee, mustard and scales all over the material and it just washes right off. At the end of the day we just scrub the deck with boat soap and it shines up like new again. We did get a couple rust stains on the material but those cleaned up easily with a little Soft Scrub and a hand brush.

dream boat

So far, everyone that has ridden on the boat since we installed the SeaDek has wanted it for his or her boats as well. You really have to experience the product to understand. It’s so nice and soft we can fish barefoot now. The thicker material on the engine boxes has definitely quieted down the engine noise. Nothing slides around in the galley or on the salon table. Did I mention it looks great too?

seadek table
Table before SeaDek

SeaDek isn’t just for boat decks. They have installed the material on swim steps, paddleboards, sailboats, windsurfers, golf carts, trailer interiors and just about anywhere else.

Now the big question, HOW MUCH?

table pad
Table after SeaDek

We found the pricing to be just a little bit more than what we were quoted to grind the existing nonskid down and replace it. The extra money is totally worth all the benefits that SeaDek offers compared to just paint and nonskid material.

We absolutely love our new, custom SeaDek. Give the guys at Blue Seas Fabrication a call and experience the product for yourself.

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