SeaDek Customer Testimonial

One of our customers left a great testimonial about the SeaDek kit he received as a birthday gift for his Hobe Pro Angler. He got an embossed 6mm storm over aqua custom kayak kit. He also got a cooler pad for his Yeti 35, which is embossed 6mm storm over aqua.

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SeaDek thats my team 

  • Reviewer: Tarponman
  • Location: Tavares, FL, United States
  • Did you experience any problems with SeaDek? (Explain):  No problems this is a great group of people to work with you would think you are the most important customer they have
  • Were there any good surprises with your purchase/product experience? (Explain): How I was treated and how excited they are about what they are doing.
  • Age: 55 to 64
  • How polite was customer service? 1 worst – 10 best: 10
  • How competent was customer service? 1 worst – 10 best: 10
  • How well did SeaDek fit? 1 did not fit – 10 fit perfectly: 10
  • Would you buy SeaDek again, or recommend to a friend? 1 never – 10 absolutely: 10
  • How did you hear about SeaDek Marine Products? Online Review or Article:    “I got my SeaDek for my birthday from my wife because I was complaining about burning my feet on the black pads that come with the pro angler. I never realized I would have the most amazing experience with SeaDek. I had one of the first Pro Angler 14 so I was invited to come over to the new building and they took measured my kayak for a fantastic fit and I got a tour of the facility. I also got to meet everyone from the top to the bottom and it was like a giant family. I could tell you a bunch more but maybe to see what they did is better.”

Check out the installation process here:

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To order custom SeaDek for your next project, please contact customer service at or 321-632-4466. Reference number Z104433 for the kayak kit and Z104434 for the cooler kit.

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