SeaDek Featured On Aquaticar™ Underwater Vehicle

SeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicle
We get to work on some pretty cool and unusual projects at SeaDek and SwimDek and this recent endeavor with Aquaticar™ was no exception. Sub Sea Systems utilized our closed-cell flooring materials for their Aquaticar underwater vehicle for both an interesting aesthetic element, a safe and secure non-skid product and a unique way to incorporate their logo into the design.

Aquaticar is a proprietary submersible car with Bubble Engine propulsion technology. The system features a customized track configuration with specialized water entry and exit, designed to fit your footprint. Sub Sea Systems can offer water filtration and life support system (LSS) design, including an engineered aquarium or habitat design and theming, in addition to the components provided with the Aquaticar system.

SeaDek worked on a previous project, Clear Lounge, several years ago with great success. Clear Lounge is located in Cozumel, Mexico and features our faux teak materials on the topside entry areas. View our original post here: CLEAR LOUNGE.
SeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicle Clear Lounge Cozumel Mexico
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About Sub Sea Systems:
In 1985, we established our brand and built a reputation in the industry as engineers and fabricators of custom submersibles and semi-submersibles. Over the years our products have evolved as we reimagine ways to explore the world’s oceans. Sub Sea Systems’ founders created SNUBA® International and its unique shallow water diving system. We are the co-founder of award-winning hands-on nurse shark and stingray encounters, designer and creator of the SeaTREK helmet diving system (, manufacturer of the FunCat solar-electric catamaran and inventor of Clear Lounge — the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar. In 2017, Sub Sea Systems introduced Aquaticar™, the worlds first underwater driving experience and a winner of IAAPA’s “Best New Product” – “Best New Concept – Major Ride Attraction” for 2017.

SeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicle

SeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicleSeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicle SeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicle SeaDek SwimDek Aquaticar underwater vehicle














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