SeaDek Native Slayer 13 Propel Kayak Kits

Been getting a lot of stock and custom orders for the Native Slayer 13 Propel kayak kits this week. Stock kits can be ordered here:

For custom pads please give us a call at 321-632-4466 or email

Don’t settle for cheap EVA non-skid products that will only last a season. You kayak deserves SeaDek!

Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_001 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_002 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_003 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_004 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_005 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_007 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_008 Native_Slayer_Propel_Pepi_009

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