SeaDek Hosts Local High School Business Academy

We were proud to host, for the 6th year in a row, local high school students from Melbourne, FL on a field trip showing them how our business operates.

Students sitting in a Nautique G23

Students from Melbourne High School Business Academy were shown what happens when customers send in completed template kits. We have a scans department that takes mylar sheets covered in sharpie traced pieces that match the part of the boat the customer wants covered in custom SeaDek. They work hard to capture and generate precise imagery and an in-house CAD department then takes those files to create, with our CAT team’s input from the customers, one of a kind drawings.

Students touring SeaDek Headquarters

These drawings include what color combination the customer chooses, the thickness as well as the texture of the product with any custom logos. From there our scheduling department gets the ball rolling to put the job out on the production floor. From there we have employees that specialize in pulling sheets in our warehouse approved by our quality team after being developed by our Research and Development Team.

Students touring the production floor at SeaDek headquarters

Our transportation specialists will often drive from our warehouse to our headquarters after our production team uses various machines to laminate, texturize and apply PSA to our product. From there the product makes its way to our CNC machines for routing and edging. After that the product may make its way to our state of the art laser department for finishing touches before it gets a thorough once over from our Quality Control department.

Students touring the production floor at SeaDek headquarters

Once the product is ready to be shipped we have a packaging team that works along side those that specialize logistics and shipping. Aside from those numerous roles we have an HR department, an accounting team, individuals that specialize in continuous improvement, quality, sales, safety, maintenance, professional installation, operations, and marketing, along with our senior leadership team.

Students touring the production floor at SeaDek headquarters

We proudly employ over 150 employees and are constantly evolving and growing. Vice President of Marketing Jason Gardner said, “I get a lot of enjoyment sharing my passion for manufacturing in the marine industry and inspiring the next generation of creative minds.”

Students touring the production floor at SeaDek headquarters

We are lucky to be located in the flourishing Space Coast area and are glad to support the next generation of business-oriented individuals who are curious to learn more about our company.

If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities at SeaDek Marine Products, click here!

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