SeaDek is Proud to Sponsor BlueTube, Inc.

What is BlueTube?

“BlueTube, Inc. is a 501(c)3 company based in Melbourne, FL with a big mission: create clean beaches and plastic-free oceans. With a little effort from a lot of people in many places all the time we can solve these problems. BlueTubes are bright blue, easy-to-spot containers that hold bags. They are installed at beach crossovers so people can grab a bag on their way to the beach, pick up trash and throw it away. Beach-goers donate their clean, used plastic bags to the container, and the cycle continues. BlueTubes can be found at county-managed beaches in Brevard County, Florida – including Satellite Beach and Melbourne Beach.”

SeaDek Cares About Our Ocean

SeaDek began by sponsoring Lee Wenner boat ramp and McFarland boat ramp in Cocoa last year and is now sponsoring a total of 5 Blue Tubes on the Indian River including Kennedy Point Park, Pineda Landing and Christenson’s Landing.

“BlueTube, Inc. is funded through annual sponsorships of BlueTubes on public beaches and sales of BlueTubes at private beach crossovers. Sponsorships and sales cover the costs of BlueTubes as well as public awareness and research. Part of the proceeds from sponsorships go to Sea Education Association (SEA) out of Woods Hole, Massachusetts for research on plastic in the oceans. SEA has been collecting data on ocean plastic since 1986. SEA students and scientists tow nets along the surface in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea from their two research ships. Each piece of plastic debris from thousands of tows is counted and preserved, and this data is used for further studies.” – from

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