SeaDek Job Opening – Scanning/Plotting Technician

Primary Role:
Gather and process all information given or available from customer templates or SeaDek digitized files. Create Template Tracking Document with information for Sales or CAD to produce Pricing/RFD/Drawings from. Plot 1:1 Dry-Fit patterns from CAD drawing for customer fit verification. On-site or in the field digitizing and removal/installation of parts.

Primary Responsibilities 

Job duties: 

1. Processing Templates.

• Receive templates and organize by date.

• Gather all information from templates and customer information sheet.

*If no information is supplied by the customer, templates are given to the appropriate Sales representative to contact customer and gather information.

• Orient parts onto scanner sleeve with proper grain or part orientation and provide Length x Width measurements on each part.

• Scan templates and store files in the DIG directory on the server by Customer Name and Date.

• If templates are extraordinarily large, use ProLiner to digitize instead of scanner.

• After scanning/digitizing, create Template Tracking Document (OEM or End-user/Dealer) with all customer information, number of parts, and number of sheets scanned.

• Send Template Received email to customer, then print out template tracking document, save document to Customer’s folder, and turn in to appropriate Sales Representative, CAD Manager, Lead, or Marketing.

2. Plotting DryFit patterns.

• Open CAD drawing, save file in Dry-Fits folder within part number in the CAD directory on the server.

• Remove everything except part geometry outline (route), number all parts with text, nest parts into layers and save as Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file.

• Using AI, plot all parts and send to packaging. Document job in Google Docs.

3. Templating/Digitizing.

• Analyze scope of project, prepare surfaces for Mylar Templating or ProLiner digitizer.

• Pattern all parts/surfaces required and process through the scanner.

• Create Template Tracking document and turn in to appropriate Sales Representative, CAD Manager, or Marketing.

4. Removal/Installation

• Remove existing parts from required surfaces.

• Clean or remove adhesive from surface carefully without damaging property.

• Prepare all surfaces and lay parts out for a test fitment.

• Install parts and clean working area.


1. Computer proficiency is required including MS Office Suite, Email, and Adobe Illustrator.

2. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

3. Customer Service.



Form – 18-2-24 Scanning/Plotting Technician Rev: A
Date Issued: 10/22/2014 Department: CAD 
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