SeaDek Tow Boat U.S – Mako Project

Several weeks ago we began a project in cooperation with Tow Boat U.S. and Boat U.S. Magazine (earlier post). Captain Scott Stebleton, owner/operator of Tow Boat U.S. Daytona, brought in his 1977 Mako 26. She’s a workhorse of a boat who spends a lot of time on the water helping boaters in need. Whether it be towing a boat with engine trouble or just bringing some gas for a dry tank, this boat gets the job done. But getting the job done means bumps and bruises, chips and cracks, and that’s where SeaDek comes in.

BoatUS_Mako_B-A_001Our mission was to cover up those old worn decks and give this Mako a facelift. But in doing so we also provided some great practical features as well. Once installed, our EVA SeaDek material provides a safer more comfortable working surface. Made from a closed-cell foam SeaDek acts as a shock mitigation material, lessening the fatigue bought on from standing on a hard fiberglass deck in rough seas. Walking, standing and kneeling are all a lot easier on this exceptional non-skid surface. Hardware, gas cans and rope barrels won’t slide all over the place any more either.

BoatUS_Mako_B-A_002Another great feature often overlooked is the glare reduction. Here in the intense Florida sun the glare from a bright white fiberglass deck can be pretty severe. We went with a 6mm storm gray over black color combination that all but eliminates the bulk of the deck glare. This can be an important advantage when trying to keep your eyes on a customer in trouble miles offshore or scanning for water hazards in high seas.

BoatUS_Mako_012While probably a much more important feature in fishing applications, SeaDek’s sound dampening characteristics will be a welcomed bonus on this Mako. From engine noise to clunking hardware, our pads will help provide a quitter ride.

As a finishing touch we added some inlaid Tow Boat U.S. logos up in the forward cockpit area and some SeaDek logos in the rear. In made-to-order custom applications we can add boat names, graphics and logos in a variety of sizes and color combinations. We can even cut your favorite fish right into your pads or add a fish ruler to a set of SeaDek coaming bolsters.

BoatUS_Mako_010For more information on SeaDek Marine Products please visit our website: Once there you can view our complete line of stock and custom products, color guides, how-to videos and countless photo galleries. One of our most popular items is our anti-fatigue helm station pad. We have many colors and sizes in stock and available on our online store:

BoatUS_Mako_B-A_003We’d like to thank Scott Stebleton for his time and effort on this project. For information about Scott’s multiple Tow Boat U.S. locations from Titusville to Jacksonville please visit his site:

For more information about Tow Boat U.S. please visit their website:

BoatUS_Mako_013BoatUS_Mako_011 BoatUS_Mako_010Finally we’d like to thank a few of our employees who put in extra time and effort for this project. Johnny Law did an incredible job of scanning and templating this boat. All of the cleats and hardware made his job a bit challenging, but the fit and finish was outstanding. Thanks to the CAD designer on this project, Michael Williams and thanks to the guys out on the production floor for all of their hard work every day of the week.




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