SeaDek – Tow Boat U.S. Project

SeaDek Marine Products has worked closely with Boat US for many years now, you may have seen us in their Magazine on a pretty regular basis. We’ve just embarked on a very cool new project with them and Tow Boat U.S., you know they’re the guys who save your butt when things go wrong out on the water. Captain Scott Stebleton, owner/operator of TowBoatU.S. Daytona has brought us his 1977 26 Mako to see what we can do with her. We post a lot of photos of SeaDek on brand new boats, just out of the factory with pretty girls on the bow and a cocktail in their hands. This is not that boat. This Mako is a workhorse. This is the kind of boat that saves the day when you’re too many miles off shore and your in trouble.


We’ll be #SeaDeking the helm station, decks, and gunnels. This is going to relieve much of the fatigue the captains and crew experience when they find themselves in big chop or have to get down on their hands and knees to work. It’s also going to cut down on the glare from the white gel coat, reduce the running noise and save the old decks from more chipping, cracking and scratching. It will also give her a bit of a facelift. While she’ll still be a little rough around the edges, the new pads with finished beveled edges and some cool graphics are really going to make a difference in appearance.


We’ve just scanned the boat this week as you can see in the photos. We’ll be posting regular updates as the project progresses so I hope you’ll check back in regularly to see how this unique job develops. You can also follow along on our social media pages: FaceBook, InstaGram, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler and our SeaDek Blog.

Special thanks to Boat U.S. ( and Tow Boat U.S.(

BoatUS_TowBoat_002 BoatUS_TowBoat_003

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