SeaDeked 2015 Hobie Outback

Recently, Jason Broach had his 2015 Hobie Outback SeaDeked ( Jason’s schedule this year includes competing in over 20 Fishing Tournaments and he will have a huge advantage over his competitors because SeaDek is not only durable and shock absorbent, but it also provides an exceptional traction surface and will lessen fatigue brought on by prolonged standing on bare kayak surfaces. Top everything off with SeaDek’s noise reducing qualities and no competitor stands a chance. Add in the customizable color and graphic options and you have the perfect addition to your new or used kayak.

We think the kit turned out great. Take a look at the pictures:

Jason_Outback_1IMG_3356 IMG_3358jason_outback_2IMG_3362 IMG_3365His kayak is equipped a custom with 6mm storm gray over black kit. Reference number: 22532

SeaDek sells stock kayak kits in our webstore:

Stock SeaDek kayak kits are 5mm or 6mm thick with a brushed or embossed texture and come in any color combination.

See more Hobie Kayaks at

To order a custom SeaDek kayak kit, contact customer service at or 321-632-4466.




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