SeaDek’s Hewes Tournament 16

Finally have the SeaDek Hewes Tournament 16 decked out and ready to go. This beautiful boat was completely restored over at Castaway Customs (

SeaDek_Hewes_16_001The fully customized SeaDek kit is 6mm cool gray over bimini blue with a brushed texture. The cockpit features a faux teak pattern. On the bow there is a SeaDek branded CNC cut fish rule. Under the gunnels at two routed snook pads. Up on the platform is an anti-fatigue pad with SeaDek logo. The whole kit is applied using our 3M PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). The only thing missing is a SeaDek seat cushion and a new Ram-lin trailer ( both of which are in the works.

Comfort is key. Spend a day fishing on a boat with SeaDek and you will never have a boat without it. Our marine grade, UV resistant EVA foam is unlike any other deck covering/non-skid on the market. We don’t use cheap lowgrade EVA that will peel and turn hard in a single season. Quality and attention to detail make us the leader in our field and trusted by the best boat builders in the world.

Contact us today to find out about “SeaDeking” your boat. Phone: 321-632-4466 or

Pricing on this particular kit (pricing may vary with different logo and layout options):
Two Color 6mm – Retail $1876
Single color 5mm – Retail – $1512

SeaDek_Hewes_16_002 SeaDek_Hewes_16_004 SeaDek_Hewes_16_005 SeaDek_Hewes_16_006 SeaDek_Hewes_16_007 SeaDek_Hewes_16_008 SeaDek_Hewes_16_009 SeaDek_Hewes_16_010 SeaDek_Hewes_16_011 SeaDek_Hewes_16_012 SeaDek_Hewes_16_013 SeaDek_Hewes_16_014 SeaDek_Hewes_16_015 SeaDek_Hewes_16_017 SeaDek_Hewes_16_018 SeaDek_Hewes_16_019 SeaDek_Hewes_16_020


Hewes Tournament 16 – 1992


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