Wakesurfing With SeaDek

The SeaDek crew got out on the water this weekend. Certainly not a bunch of air busting pros but we had a lot of fun behind a Nautique G23. We spent the weekend dialing in the wake after installing ballast bags from our friends at http://www.wakemakers.com/ An amazing difference especially for larger guys. We couldn’t be more stoked.

We also go to try out the Hyperlite Quad 59″ wakesurfboard. Super fast and maneuverable. Check it out here: http://www.hyperlite.com/product-detail.php?id=wakesurfers-quad

See the full line of Nautique Boats here: http://www.nautique.com/
This little guy is fearless. Here he is working on his frontside and trying his best to squeeze into a barrel.

SeaDek isn’t just a manufacturing company producing top quality marine products in the US. We are also boaters, surfers and water people generally and we spend as much time out on the water testing our products as we can. Here, SeaDek COO Serenity Gardner, lets go or the rope for the first time and learns what wakesurfing is all about behind the SeaDek Nautique G23.

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